HiperLoc team represented at GSTC 2017 in Singapore

The Global Space and Technology Convention 2017 took place in Singapore between February 22nd – 24th. Paulo Bianco (Airbus) and Tor-Arne Grönland (NanoSpace) from the HiperLoc project team was there.

The Asian space scene is growing extremely rapidly and this conference is the major event in the Asia-Pacific region. The content of the conference is broad but still most of the attention and discussions centered around the disruptive trends and what is commonly called “new space”.

A specific highlight of the conference was a panel discussion called “Industry Chiefs Dialogue” where a panel of 7 distinguished leaders elaborated around the topic on how to stay relevant in the age of disruptive technology. One of the panelists was Prof Sir Martin Sweeting (Group Executive Chairman, Surrey Satellite) and he pointed out constellations of small satellites as the most significant game changer in our industry. According to Prof Sweeting, there are more than 68 big constellations in making right now adding up to more than 13 000 satellites.

From this it is not hard to figure out that various types of propulsion will be needed to control these constellations, and high performance electric propulsion for the smallest satellites is one of the missing elements on the market today. The way is more or less paved for HiperLoc!

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